How to perform a Skyteam 125cc with Rojo injection ?

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Skyteam Euro 4
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Unlocking the electronics of the Skyteam and Zhenhua 125cc is only done via this bluetooth box

Read these descriptions carefully before buying: Manual of the Rojo Bluetooth box and ROJO BT version 2

To complete the unrestricting you can / must fit these parts:

1- Dax exhaust fitted with a lambda probe

2- a universal air filter in diameter 42mm

3-Since the engine speed will not change (Reminder: the ECU in racing mode the power is higher but not the maximum speed), if you want to gain speed you will also have to change the transmission ratios via either the front gears and the rear : larger sprocket in front and / or smaller in the rear.

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Is the Bluetooth module too complicated for you?

See this solution to remove the injection and switch to carburetor mode also available with a carburetor included in the kit

We also offer a 146cc bore up kit for Skyteam / Lifan / YX engines

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