Harness BS0200 for Skyteam and Zhenhua

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cablage BS0200 Zhenhua Skyteam
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From front to back, here is a description of the BS0200 wiring.

The colors of the threads are not always respected from one production to another, but the cards remain the same.

Front part of the wiring that goes into the headlight globe : 2 wires for the left and right turn signals as well as their common ground.
1 6-wire plug to the right stalk and 1 4-wire plug to the headlight optics:


Be carrefull on the right handle switch : there is a trick with the Black / Red starter wire which, depending on the model, is separate or not. Also be careful that the starter switch is of the non-blocking push type.

other part of the front: 6-wires plug for the left handle switch,  6-wires plug to go to the counter 2-wires to the horn.


on the intermediate part you will find the plug for the 4-wire main switch:


and then the plug that connects to the engine :


Followed by the 2-wire plug that goes to the starter relay.


Halfway towards the rear of the wiring you will find the wires which go to the stop switch on the pedal and those which go to the high voltage coil below the tank. You will also find a wire of + 12 volts under contact there which can be used to feed what you want.


Then comes the CDI with its recognizable European standard form:


And finally the rear part with the regulator plug, the turn signal relay plug, the thicker red wire that goes on one side to the battery and the other to the starter relay. The 2 earth wires (one at the relay) and the wires that supply the rear light and its indicators.




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