Rojo mobile phone communication tool v2

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Introduction of ROJO mobile phone communication tool
Download ROJO’s mobile phone APP (for Android system) and install it.

Before starting a hard reset is necessary :

1 – Put the ECU
2 – Contact OFF turn throttle full gaz and stay
3 – Put contact ON
4 – Wait for system until the led blinking green
5 – Throttle off
6 – Contact off
2、Main interface
As shown in figure 1, the upper location is the title bar that showing various states.

(1) Bluetooth connection
– Connect a Bluetooth transceiver to ECU’s
communication port (Fig. 1), turn on the ignition switch.
– Click on the mobile phone, the main interface is shown in Figure 2.


– Click the “Bluetooth connection” icon, figure 3 appears.

– The “visible device” column shows the name of the Bluetooth connected with the EFI, clicks the “>” mark on the right, figure 4 appears.

– In the column next the right side of the “Default connection device”, click “√”, then Bluetooth connection will be automaticlly done next time.
(2)Log in to ECU
– Click “login ECU” icon, figure 5 appears, enter the initial login password “333333”, click “OK”;

– If you want to change the initial password, click the “Setting” icon on the main interface, but if you forget it, you will never be able to log in to this ECU.
At the main interface, click “monitoring “, fig.6 appears.


There are 3 switchs of “parameter monitoring”, “historical failure” and “current fault” in the bottom.
(4) Performance test
– In the main interface, click the “Performance test”, figure 7 appears.

– By the bottom switch, function can be switched among “Fuel consumption measurement”(Fig. 9), “Acceleration measurement” (Figure 8) or “The max-speed test” (Fig. 9).

(5) Parameter modification
– Click “Parameter modification” in the main interface, figure 11 appears.

– Click “Read” firstly.
– Click “Send” after modifying the parameters. If you want to change it permanently, click “write”.
– There is a circular mark on the lower left corner. If clicking, the “Fast self-learning” interface
shown in Figure 12 appears.

– “Downtime” is only for motorcycles with fast start functions, it means the delay time from motorcycle stopping to engine stopping.
– “Fast self-learning” can make the EFI system adapt to the characteristics of the engine quickly. You can do it by the following steps:
– Before learning, you should put down the big support of a scooter, or hang to Idling position
for a straddle type motorcycle. Add a flexible isolation pad under it
– Control the throttle to the position that the inverted triangle mark showed and stay until the
mark turns green.
Fig.10 Idle adjustment screw

– Then pull the throttle to the next node;
– IF all inverted triangles turn green, the engine will automatically flameout, turn off the switch.
– Restart the engine and check if the performance is improved. If not, repeat the above process.
– Attention: when in idle point (0 opening) self-learning, look at the fault alarm lamp on the instrument panel, if it begins rapid flicker instead of off after self-learning, it means the idle intake air is too small, the “idle adjustment screw” (shown in figure 10) should be adjusted anti-clockwise, if slow flicker, it means the idle intake air is too large, adjust clockwise till the lamp off.
(6) Remote assistance
– Click “remote assistance” in the main interface, figure 13 appears.
– Contact the ROJO customer service and get its IP address then fill in.
– Fill in the port number”5100”.
– Click “Save remote settings” and click “Start remote assistance”.
(7) Locking & Unlocking
Click “Locking & unlocking” in the main interface, you can switch from “locking” and “unlocking” states. This function is for burglary preventing.

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