Connections for the DZB World housing RPM limiter

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ConnectionécoConnections for the DZB World housing RPM limiter
Here are the connections for the DZB World housing RPM limiter

12 Volt locked Pickup Brake Switch

Aprilia Green/red Red Green/Grey

Honda Black Blue/Yellow Green/Yellow

Peugeot Black Blue/Yello Green/Yellow

Kymco Black Blue/Yellow Green/Yellow

Minarelli Red/White Blue/White Green/Grey

Piaggio White Red Black/White

Yamaha Brown Red/White Green/Grey

MBK Brown Red/White Green/Grey

Yamaha >2003 Brown (not to the CDI!) White/blue Green/Grey + place the Jumper on Negative

AM6 Brown Blue/White Green/Grey

Speedfight 3/4 Black Black/Green Green/Grey

CPI Red/White Blue/White Green/Grey

Keeway Red/White Blue/White Green/Grey

Generic Red/White Blue/White Green/Grey

On Aprilias with a 2-wire pickup, you need to take the Brown wire and place the Jumper on negative mode
There are three operating modes that can be selected directly on the Mode button: RPM/Speed/Combination of the two

1 Speed Mode: In this case, you must have connected the speed sensor to the front or rear wheel and its magnet. You must program a maximum speed, and when this speed is reached the motor will be constrained and the housing will prevent the machine from going faster. Practical for entry into the pit at regulated speeds, for example.

2 RPM Mode: In this case, you choose a maximum speed, and the housing will limit the engine to this RPM level. Obviously for an automatic scooter, the clutch must be set above this speed: or choose the Speed mode which is more suitable in this case. Practical for engine break-in.

3 Combination Mode: when you want to limit your engine from a harmful RPM level at high speeds. Practical for endurance racing, for example.

Programming the maximum/limited speed or maximum RPM is fortunately very simple. Simply press the Set button to save the current speed or rpm limit. To disable the limiter, simply apply the brake and push the Set button at the same time. To reactivate, simply turn the ignition off and then back on.

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