Using the Takegawa FI-CON type X box for Honda Monkey 125 and Grom 125

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For mounting on the Monkey 125ccc (type JB02) equipped with the ABS : this box is placed above the ABS housing, the ECU is below the battery.

1-You need to download the expert FI-CON type-x application from Google Play or Apple Store. (Carefull : it can be paid )
2 -You must pair the FI-CON box with the bluetooth of your smartphone:
3 – Activate Bluetooth
4 – Turn on the ignition of the machine ON and putting the GASES thoroughly (no start: just the ON contact)
5 – You will see the orange ‘Check engine’ indicator blinking: the FI-Con box is on and the BT function is on.
6 – On your smartphone you can then see the FI-CON box and pair it. If a password is required: 1234 or 0000
7 – In the app you can then choose your model and buy the configuration for your model (Honda Monkey or MSX) 2.99 € for Android
8 -Then you will be able to choose one of the presets among those proposed by Takegawa according to your configuration.

You can also choose the diet limit you desire, at your own risk.

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