Electrical installation drawing Digital counter Dax BS0776

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 Connector from the original speedometer BS0776
Function Connector on the digital speedometer BS0779 
Black + 12v background light  Brown
Orange winker indication  Orange
Light blue winker indication Light blue
Green/Black Massa Green/Black
Green/Red Neutral indication Green/Red
White/Yellow Fuel indication Green/Yellow
Dark blue Normal light Black/Blue
Deconnected = Miles Green/Blue
Deconnected = Kilometers Green/Black

Montage on 2.5liter en 3.5 liter frames fits plug play on the original wiring harness ( connector from the counter is the same)

  • It is possbile that the white/Yellow cable is not in the connector ( to see from which year your moped is and if this one already had an fuel indicator.
  • For Montage on 5.5l frames: There are 3 different wiring harness.
  • 1- 6 place connector with 5 cables, same as 2.5/3.5l frames without fuel indicator.
  • 2 -6 place connector with 5 cables + cable for fuel indication.
  • 3- 9 place connector with 8 cables. You will have to take out the cables out of the connector and place like said under this.
    Connector on the wiring harness Function To place on the speedometer
    Black + 12v after switch Black
    Yellow/White  normal light Dark blue
    Orange winker indication Orange
    Brown Backlight
    Green/White Neutral indication Green/Red
    Light blue Winker indication Light blue
    Green/Red Fuel indication White/Yellow
    Green Massa Green/Black

De latest versions has a small change of colors in there wiring harness.:

Connector of a wiring harness from skyteam Function To place on the digital speedometer
Black Winker indication Orange
Yellow/White Normal light Dark blue
Orange +12volt after switch Black
Green/White Neutral indication Green/Red
Green/Black Massa Green/Black
Yellow/White Fuel indication Yellow/White

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