Manual for ROJO and bluetooth module for Zhenhua EFI

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    • The first thing to do is to connect the bluetooth box directly on the ECU box which is fixed directly on the injection body.
    • Dowload the app. Android base.apk directly on the item page
    • Install this app on your Android smartphone. You will be asked to allow the installation of programs outside Google play: it is of course necessary in this case.
    • Turn on the ignition of your Zhenhua machine (ignition and circuit breaker both on ON)
    • Launch the app. ROJO and click on the Bluetooth icon
      Boitier bluetooth pour Skyteam et Zhenhua City 125
    • A scan of BT accessories starts automatically: the message “Bein scanning” appears below.
      Boitier bluetooth pour Skyteam et Zhenhua City 125
    • As soon as the module is recognized you will see it appear BT05 with the message “connected” just below.  If a password is asked, it is 333333 (or 666666 )
      Boitier bluetooth pour Skyteam et Zhenhua City 125Screenshot_20181208-104450
    • If these 2 messages do not appear: re scan by pressing on the bottom of the screen “SCAN”
    • If everything went well you can go back to the ROJO cover page and you will see all the green icons (connected)
    • Click on the icon “Modification”
    • You will see the following menu with 3 power levels available (Power Level)

Boitier bluetooth pour Skyteam et Zhenhua City 125

The green dot indicates that the EFI box is connected

    • You can then choose another mode than the origin:
      Comfort = original mode
      Sport = mode with improved power with sport exhaust or origin and filter origin
      Competition = full power mode, designed for sports exhaust and racing air filter

      Boitier bluetooth pour Skyteam et Zhenhua City 125

Please note that none of these modes increase the operating speed to maintain maximum reliability. To gain speed it is necessary to change the ratios of transmission gears.

  • Choose the mode and click “SEND”, after 3 seconds the mode is saved and appears on the 2nd line as the current operating mode. 
  • If you want to change it permanently, click “WRITE”. It is of course editable.
  • Boitier bluetooth pour Skyteam et Zhenhua City 125


  • You can then return to the start page of the application and disconnect the box. The change is directly effective, you can roll and try your machine with this new programming.



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